A role play site for all who Love to be involved in the arts of the darkness of necromancy and killing The wars go on every moment of the day in this Fashion There Is hope that the darkness will live Or will it Die? That all Depends on the Things you Do
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 Tasaki the Elemental

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PostSubject: Tasaki the Elemental   Sun Apr 06, 2008 1:38 pm

Name: Tasaki Hayama
Nickname: Saki
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Necromancer
being alone
people (humans mostly),
arrogant people,
Skin: Tan
Hair - Purple, waist-length
Eyes - Purple
Build - Average, 5'8

Family: Happy, big family. Mom, dad, 4 sisters, and 3 brothers. Family thinks she's a freak, and never talk to her. But she also hates her folks.
Age: 13
"Ama, i don't want to go to Auntie's. She's evil. Like, a witch. I see fire over her head." I sounded like a spoiled 4 year old. I loved my family, and my family loved me, except for Auntie. "Now, now. don't be mean to poor Auntie. She dosen't have 'fire over her head'. Silly." said Mama. She gave my nose a light pluck.I sheepishly looked up at her, and said, "but she does, Ama!" My mother wouldn't hear of it, and pushed me outside, and into the car. I sat in the front seat, and put my head, in my hand, and sighed. I looked out the zooming window, and saw a little dog barking at us. I giggled, and waved at it. Then we came up to Auntie's big, red mansion.
I opened the door, jumped out, and slammed the door. I hope mom heard that, i thought. Ama staid in the car, and waved good-bye. She blew me a kiss, and sped away. I walked up the black stairs, slowly. When i reached the door, i gave the knocker a small knock. If she dose here me, i thought, maybe i can call mom and tell her that she didn't answer. But Auntie opened the door. She smiled, with her big blood red- lipsticked lips. The mole, which she calls a beauty mark, danced on her face, as she told me, " Vy, hello. If it isn't my least favoruite Tasaki. Come, on, come on, get in before ju catch pnemonia." She shooed me in and pushed me on the couch.
I sat. And sat. For hours until she came from upstairs, and yelled down, "come here brat!" I don't know why she ddidn't like me! I hopped off the couch, and ran up the stairs, skipping 2 at a time. When i reach the top, i looked over to a romm, where the door was open, and there was a greenish glow. I slowly walked in. Sour, humid air went up my nostrils. I held my nose and said, "Ntie, Were ar ou?" I went around a table, and saw her on the ground, with a dead bird. I let go of my nose and screamed. "Why did you kill a poor inocent bird?" She looked startled, and said, "Quiet down, bitch. I'm trying to bring it back to life." I stood, staring at the lifless body. She whispered words in a tounge i didn't understand. She slurred her words, and sprinkled soil on it. Then she concentrated on it,and pop. The bird jumped up and fluttered around the room singing joyfully. Then Auntie chuckled, and said the word, " Shgnai." the bird stopped, and fell to the floor dead. I said, "why did you bring it back to life just to kill it?" Auntie looked mad at me and said, "shut up. u are always screaming. And stopp sounding like a baby!." I closed my open mouth. Then crossed my arms. I thought up a word, like she made and said, "Vxdreia." A plant came from the ground, and rapped it's branch around Auntie, and picked her up, throwing her at the window. I put my hands on my mouth and said, "Oh, Auntie!" i rushed over to her. I turned her over on her back. She was laughing.I looked at her, astonished. Then she opened her hands,and a ball of fire came out on my face. I yelped, and said, "Urdcia" water came from my cupped hands, and washed my face. My Aunt got up and said, "Ju've got a natural talent with the elements. Fine, I'll teach you. But first a history.
"Long ago, your great great great great great grandfather was a elemental. Which means he could use the elements for his use. He found out about this talent when he was seven. He fell in a pond, and almost drowned, becuase he couldn't swim. He said a word, it just escaped his lips by accident, 'buthder' he cupped it over his mouth, because he thought that he was just about to die when an air buble went over his mouth, and he took in a breath. Someone manged to find him, and drag him out. It was several days later. They asked him how he lived. He told them it was magic. Then he made up another word, and made fire. First the people were happy. But then someone thought,"What if later he thinks he's better than us? What if he wants to rule us? We must dispose of him, before he tries to make us into slaves!" Everyone agreed. They threw him out into a desert. Of course he had the elements, so he could make shelter, and water, and stuff, so he was fine. Then, he met a girl who got lost in the desert. They became friends, then later married (except they didn't have a wedding because they were in the middle of nowhere), and had kids. Their kids were elements. And after that, all Hayamas were elementals. But then, later, there were less. Their parents didn't want an elemental child, so they killed it. Your parents knew you're an elemental. I knew you were gonna be one. That's why i hated you. I thought you were gonna be a better one than me, i know it's kinda sad to be jealous of a 13 year-old gir;, but.... I saved you tho. Your parents didn't want you, because you were an elemental. They e=were gonna kill you. But i stopped them and said, later i would take you. Now i am." I just stared at her and laughed. "Ya. I'm an "Elemental. Sure. " My Aunt looked at me with the most serious eyes. "How do you think you made a plant? And water hmmmm?" she said. I thought, and nodded. I would let her train me. But then i reme,bered what she said about my parents. They were gonna kill me. I got mad, and instantly hated my parents.
Personality: Quiet, Nice, Loveable, and Graceful
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Tasaki the Elemental
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