A role play site for all who Love to be involved in the arts of the darkness of necromancy and killing The wars go on every moment of the day in this Fashion There Is hope that the darkness will live Or will it Die? That all Depends on the Things you Do
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 Mira's charecter sheet.

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PostSubject: Mira's charecter sheet.   Sun Apr 06, 2008 11:47 pm

name: Mira

nickname: none *sorry*
age: 15

gender: male

species: Demon.....

gift: Fast, and is a bit of a ideot, but can be a verry smart person when needed!

likes: Candy, nice friends, Fighting, love music almost tranced by it in a way (or spacing out xD), biting people for fun IF MEAN! and uhh thats pretty much it.

dislikes: Strong smells, kids, and fan girls....well there okay i guess -_-

hair: White, short, sorta messy.

eyes: Red eyes

build: Skinny, short about maybe 5'5 and has pale white skin with no acney or zit problems.

family: Mother left, Father left him shortly after mouther left.

history: Forced to live alone because parents abadon him because they didn't love him because of his problems.
He is now trying to make new friends and try to live a normal life but has problems with his social skills and needs to improve them.

personality: Very shy, ushaly calm, trys to talk but somtimes stuters and is quite friendly.

Dorm - Lives in dorm 1
Student or teacher - Student
School -Necro

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Mira's charecter sheet.
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