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 kaliene kopp (Edited By The Admin)

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PostSubject: kaliene kopp (Edited By The Admin)   Tue Apr 08, 2008 9:43 pm

Name: kaliene kopp
Nickname: K.K
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: demon
Gift: silent kill from the front, can lure the enemy
the smell, taste, color of blood, new people to kill
show offs, hunters

Hair - very dark blue almost black goes down to her middle back
Eyes - dark blue
Build - Slim 5"9'

Family: dead when 7 years old lives anywhere and everywhere
when 7 she killed her parents from anger and looked at the bloody mess and then loved blood so she became an assassin so she could look at the blood that flowed and have a sip once in a while
Personality: loves to kill but hates to wait but does it anyway loves to lure guys it's entertaining loves dark chocolate cause of the bitter taste and ruby red grapefruit juice it's to good to resist

Dorm - 13
Student or teacher - student
School - Dusk Scale University

Chacter Room picture:

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kaliene kopp (Edited By The Admin)
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