A role play site for all who Love to be involved in the arts of the darkness of necromancy and killing The wars go on every moment of the day in this Fashion There Is hope that the darkness will live Or will it Die? That all Depends on the Things you Do
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 The Two gods!

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PostSubject: The Two gods!   Wed Apr 09, 2008 9:59 pm

Necro: The god of Necromancers, he can see all souls even if they are lost, he know every souls life. Necro comes to life once every era, He is comeing back soon, and so is his Rival, Necro Trys to free the lost souls while Thaden Trys to keep them lost.

Thaden: thaden god of The lost, He will do any thing in his power to keep necro from sending the lost souls to heaven or hell. Thaden wants to be smiled on by the other gods so he does as he is told by them with out a Thought about it
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The Two gods!
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