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 Elelia the Vampire Queen

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PostSubject: Elelia the Vampire Queen   Sat Apr 12, 2008 1:24 pm

Name: Elelia
Nickname: Eelie, Ellie
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Species: Vampire (Queen)
Gift: Uses her charm to persuade people to do anything she wants to; can make vampires by giving them her blood

Being alone
Only drinks blood from the blood flowers
Killing people

Hair - Silver, down to her waist
Eyes - Red
Build - 5'5", slender

Family: All of her family was killed when she was four years old. She lives with her foster parents in an old mansion.
History: I crept out of my room silently, tears filling up my eyes. "Mama," I called in my small voice. "Papa." There was no sound. I had heard such loud noises, and lots of screaming. It made me scared. I ran into my parents' room, sliding on something wet and sticky. Unknowingly, I reached up and flicked the lights on. There was red stuff all over the floor, and I had slipped on it.
I looked at the bed, where more red stuff was. Mama and Papa were laying there, not moving or snoring, covered with redness. I shook them, but they did not wake. There was a sudden noise behind me, and I saw my mama's good friend, Lola.
"Oh, darling," she said, looking at the bed. She picked me up and cradled me in her strong arms. "Oh, my darling Elelia. This is only the beginning of the torture you will be put through. I'm so sorry."
She took me away from the gruesome sight. I never shed a tear.
Personality: Quiet, thinking, sweet, charming

Dorm - 25
Student or teacher - Student
School - Necro School
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Elelia the Vampire Queen
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