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 cheetah choze

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PostSubject: cheetah choze   Sun Apr 13, 2008 9:46 pm

name: choze tresk 43.2
speices: chimerea cheetah
gift: charisma, sense of smell, carries a metal pole, can change into a cat,

likes: sushi, sushi, sushi, comics

dislikes:formal things, drama, incorrect commenting

hair: short, orange, spiky
eyes: brown. in dark its yellow
build: tall, 6'4, muscly, but puny looking in sweaters
history: all he knows is that he was in the army and now he has chimerea powers. he wears a dog tag around him so that way he wont forget who he is
dorm: 5, he goes to vamp university as a janitor
personality: sarcastic, grumbles alot. gets scared alot, but only scared of touching people. gets scared in crowds.
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cheetah choze
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